Person Counting Algorithm
1) Everyone stands up
2) Everyone gets the number 1
3) Repeat
      a) If standing, turn to someone else who is standing
      b) Add your number to theirs
      c) One of you sits down
    Until only one person is standing
4) The last one standing states their number
Guidelines for Cat and Mouse game:

1)  Create cat and mouse sprites.
2)  Have cat "chase" the mouse.
3)  Have the user control the mouse sprite.
4)  Do something when the cat catches the mouse.

When your game is done, click share, and upload it to the
Room 18 account.
        password: XXXXXXXXXX
If you wish, add your game to the "
Pioneer Room 18 Gallery".

Other things to try:
- Create your own account
- Try out other people programs, see how they work,  and modify them.
- Add other users as friends.
- Try it in another language
- Create different sorts of projects: games, simulation, music, art, stories


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Reference Guide and other Support
CS intro at Harvard (with scratch)
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